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Re: PATCH: Fix EH breakage on mainline

> On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 05:45:58PM -0400, Bryce McKinlay wrote:
> > 	* except.c: Revert change of 2004-05-26.
> > 	* config/i386/ Revert change of 2004-05-27.
> Ok.
> Honza, I find no evidence of these patches being approved.  Or indeed
> of even being posted to the list.  I'm going to assume that you 
> accidentally checked them into the wrong branch.  Please be more
> careful.

I apparently missed some commits in the februrary and noticed it while
looking into the hammer branch diffs. 
The second one has been approved at:
The first one is result of discussion at:
tought I really really can't find approval in the archives.  It is in
the approved_patches directory on my disc, but I am quite confused on
how it got there.  I appologize for screwing up it here.

Any idea what went wrong with the EH change?  (I use these patches in
profiling branch for a while and java did work well for me, additionally
I tested both patches in separation before commiting so I am unsure why
they appears to break something in seapration...)

> r~

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