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Re: [patch] Split builtins.c (take 2)

Jerry Quinn wrote:
Now that tree-ssa is merged, I'm resubmitting the patch to split
builtins.c up.  I've done some more work on it and split some more
than was in the original patch.

This patch splits out fold_builtin and simplify_builtin into separate
files.  I pulled shared functions into builtin-misc.[ch].

Bootstrapped and regtested i686-pc-gnu-linux.

2004-04-25 Jerry Quinn <>

        * (OBJS-common): Add fold-builtin.o,
	simplify-builtin.o, builtin-misc.c.
	(fold-builtin.o,simplify-builtin.o, builtin-misc.o): New.
	* fold-builtin.c (fold_builtin_constant_p,
	fold_builtin_classify_type, fold_builtin_inf,
	fold_builtin_nan, integer_valued_real_p,
	fold_trunc_transparent_mathfn, fold_builtin_cabs,
	fold_builtin_trunc, fold_builtin_floor, fold_builtin_ceil,
	fold_builtin_round, fold_builtin_bitop, fold_builtin_memcpy,
	fold_builtin_mempcpy, fold_builtin_memmove,
	fold_builtin_strcpy, fold_builtin_strncpy,
	fold_builtin_memcmp, fold_builtin_strcmp,
	fold_builtin_strncmp, fold_builtin_signbit, CASE_MATHFN,
	mathfn_built_in, builtin_mathfn_code, fold_builtin_logarithm,
	fold_builtin_exponent, fold_builtin_isascii,
	fold_builtin_toascii, fold_builtin_isdigit, fold_builtin):
	New, split from...
	* builtins.c:  Include builtin-misc.h.
	(c_strlen, c_getstr, target_char_cast, builtin_save_expr,
	type_to_class, validate_arglist): Move to builtin-misc.c.
	* tree.h: Declare fold_builtin_constant_p.  Remove c_strlen.
	Include builtin-misc.h.
	* typeclass.h:  Add license.  Add include guard.
	* simplify-builtin.c (simplify_builtin,
	simplify_builtin_strstr, simplify_builtin_strchr,
	simplify_builtin_strrchr, simplify_builtin_strpbrk,
	simplify_builtin_strcpy, simplify_builtin_strncpy,
	simplify_builtin_memcmp, simplify_builtin_strcmp,
	simplify_builtin_strncmp, simplify_builtin_strcat,
	simplify_builtin_strncat, simplify_builtin_strspn,
	simplify_builtin_strcspn, simplify_builtin_fputs,
	simplify_builtin_va_start, simplify_builtin_next_arg,
	simplify_builtin_sprintf):  New, split from builtins.c.
	* builtin-misc.c, builtin-misc.h (c_strlen, c_getstr,
	builtin_save_expr, target_char_cast, validate_arglist,
	type_to_class):  New, split from builtins.c.

Since these new files are split from their parent builtins.c, would it not be better to indicate this heirarchy in the file structure ? i.e. call them builtin-simplify.c, builtin-fold.c


Nick Burrett, Senior Systems and Network Engineer
Designer Servers Ltd.

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