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Re: [lno] symbolic number of iterations

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 12:48 AM +0300, Sebastian Pop wrote:

> Maybe.
> I have replaced the code handling the computation of loop counts with
> a call to number_of_iterations_cond.

Sebastian, I'm sorry if it sounded as if it's your patch responsible for
the recent regression I have seen; this is not what I meant, just trying to
track down which is the relevant change.

I believe it's actually the following patch that's causing the change of

With this patch, number_of_iterations_in_loop returns 'chrec_top' for the
loop bound in tree-ssa-vect-8.c;

When I disable the patch, I get the original (good!) behavior again - the
loop bound returned is the following:
'(<unnamed type>)(n_6 - 1) + 1'

> The tests on the loop counts of
> the scev testsuite passed after this change.  The problem is that the
> testsuite doesn't contains enough cases.

For example, the following vectorizer test fails now:

thanks, and sorry for any misunderstanding,


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