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Re: [lno, tree-ssa] Fix kill_redundant_phi_nodes

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 15:18, Zdenek Dvorak wrote:

> I need it as a cleanup pass (in the loop optimizer on lno-branch).
> There I really do not want to call full dom + dce pass just to handle
> this.
As I said before, the idea is to decompose DOM into lego-like modules
that can be used independently or as a single pass.  One would be able
to schedule minor cleanup passes.  Regular DCE should already be fast
enough to not matter if you call repeatedly.

I will only remove kill_redundant_phi_nodes if I'm in a position to
offer the above as an alternative.

> Removing some unreachable code may create situation like
> Label0:
> k_1 = phi (k_0, i_1)
> Label1:
> i_1 = phi (i_0, i_1);
> if (something)
>   goto ex1;
> goto Label1;
> ex1:
> ...
> goto Label0;
> In the moment DOM processes the phi node for k_1, it has no way how to
> determine that the phi node is redundant.  So DOM cannot handle this
> situation without iterating it, which is not good since it is relatively
> expensive.
OK.  Thanks.


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