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Re: RFA/RFC: Add support for exporting vtables based on dllexport/dllimportattributes

I'm still a bit uneasy about the PR15000 patch allowing symbols in different translation units to have different ideas about whether the symbol is hidden. I haven't been able to demonstrate any real problems from this though, so maybe it's ok. Probably best to get it in so people can test it.

Nick, can you send me the copyright form as well?


Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Niall,

Thanks for that - I'm new to this - I had thought it not substantial enough to need one but there's a real lack of clarity in the documentation here. I'll fill it in and send it.

Well deciding when a patch is simple enough to avoid a copyright assignment is a bit of a trey area. (In my opinion anyway. I know that there is a guideline for this, but I do not always agree with it). The safest thing is to have a copyright assignment on file - that removes all doubt and makes it easier for adjudicating future patches as well. Besides as far as I could tell the lack of a copyright assignment was the only thing holding up the acceptance of this patch.

Won't Brian also have to fill one in?

Definitely - please could you ask him to do so ?


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