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Re: [PATCH] Enable dwarf on darwin

Mike Stump wrote:

On Monday, May 17, 2004, at 03:24 PM, Stan Shebs wrote:

We originally picked "__DWARFXA" as a segment name so as to indicate
that it was experimental, in case we had to have special-case code
in cctools or whatever. Now that this is real, the segment name should
be just "__DWARFA", indicating our first-generation version ("A"/"B"
etc decouples from Dwarf 2.0, 3, ... - probably overkill, but very
cheap insurance). It would be good to have a note to that effect too;
with that the change is fine to go in.

We talked about this around here today. Short term, we want to leave the names alone, as there are some expected changes that we'll be doing later and we don't want to confuse output that is produced now with what will come later.

That doesn't make any sense - "XA" was specifically chosen to be
something that would be retired before this submission, so that we
could start with a clean slate for the production version. If we
change semantics incompatibly later, we'll use "__DWARFB" for the
new segment names, and so forth. The "X" is just taking up disk
space, doesn't ever need to be in there.

Here is the follow-up patch that makes C++ work.


With the segment name change, yes.


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