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Re: Kill gcc/f, kneecap libf2c

On Mon, 17 May 2004, Zack Weinberg wrote:

> No one being interested in maintaining G77, there is no point keeping
> it around in CVS to confuse people, so this patch removes it and the
> weird little snag it had introduced into the C front end.  There may
> be other bits of code which are now obsolete; I didn't look very hard.

OK to commit the following patch to update htdocs for this?

The redirect is because there are various links to the g77 bugs and news
pages from past release notes, and just having a single redirect to change
for these when new 3.4.x releases come out seems best.  When 3.4 branch is
dead the links can always be made to point directly to the last versions
of these files.

update_web_docs deliberately not changed; old manuals stay listed there so
it can still generate onlinedocs for 3.3/3.4 releases.  (The checklist in
sourcebuild.texi can be used for removing releases as well as for adding
them, but more care is needed because of things like this and details of
contributors that shouldn't be removed - and in this case some references
to Fortran stay because they can apply to gfortran now, rather than going

Arguably the reference to f in

	-rmdir ada cp f java objc fixinc intl po testsuite 2>/dev/null

(gcc/ should go away - but this line isn't
documented in the checklist in sourcebuild.texi since it's completely
optional, and it might be better just to remove this line entirely, as
there is little use for make distclean when you can simply remove the
build directory (and this line has no function when building in srcdir).

Index: .htaccess
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/.htaccess,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -r1.13 .htaccess
--- .htaccess	30 Jun 2003 19:49:14 -0000	1.13
+++ .htaccess	18 May 2004 08:45:14 -0000
@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
 Redirect permanent /onlinedocs/g77_news.html
 Redirect permanent /onlinedocs/g77_bugs.html
+Redirect permanent /onlinedocs/g77/
 Redirect permanent /c9xstatus.html
 Redirect permanent /gnats.html        
 Redirect permanent /proj-bp.html
Index: frontends.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/frontends.html,v
retrieving revision 1.24
diff -u -r1.24 frontends.html
--- frontends.html	13 Jan 2004 09:30:07 -0000	1.24
+++ frontends.html	18 May 2004 08:45:14 -0000
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
 <p>Currently the main GCC distribution contains front ends for C
 (gcc), C++ (g++), Objective C,
-Fortran (g77), Java (<a
+Fortran, Java (<a
 href="java/">GCJ</a>), and Ada (GNAT).</p>
 <p>There are several more front ends for different languages that have
Index: onlinedocs/index.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/onlinedocs/index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.58
diff -u -r1.58 index.html
--- onlinedocs/index.html	13 May 2004 10:26:49 -0000	1.58
+++ onlinedocs/index.html	18 May 2004 08:45:14 -0000
@@ -250,16 +250,6 @@
            PostScript</a> or <a
            HTML tarball</a>)</li>
-    <li><a href="";>G77 Manual</a> (<a
-           href="";>also in
-           PostScript</a> or <a
-           href="";>an
-           HTML tarball</a>)
-    <ul> 
-       <li><a href="";>G77 News</a></li>
-       <li><a href="";>G77 Bugs</a></li>
-    </ul>
-           </li>
     <li><a href="";>GCJ Manual</a> (<a
            href="";>also in
            PostScript</a> or <a

Joseph S. Myers

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