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Re: Rename tree_ann to tree_ann_t

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 18:40, wrote:
> In message <1084832074.3630.135.camel@localhost.localdomain>, Diego Novillo wri
> tes:
>  >On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 18:04, wrote:
>  >> In message <1084826556.3630.130.camel@localhost.localdomain>, Diego Novillo
>  > wri
>  >> tes:
>  >>  >I would like to have a generic mechanism for this.  We have an
>  >>  >annotation scheme that sort of works but it's dynamically checked (See
>  >>  >var_ann_d, stmt_ann_d, ssa_name_ann_d in tree-flow.h).  Do you have any
>  >>  >thoughts about this?
>  >> And there's absolutely no reason to do this...  The set of annotations we
>  >> attach to nodes is completely determined by the type of the node the
>  >> annotation is attached to.
>  >>
>  >No.  All the nodes we attach annotations to are of type 'tree'.  The
>  >checking is still dynamic.
> And my point is that's rather dumb.
*shrug*  And what's your proposal?  Saying it's dumb will not fix it. 
We only have a single type, after all.


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