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Re: [PATCH] Enable dwarf on darwin

Devang Patel wrote:

+ #define DEBUG_FRAME_SECTION   "__DWARFXA,__debug_frame"
+ #define DEBUG_INFO_SECTION    "__DWARFXA,__debug_info"
+ #define DEBUG_ABBREV_SECTION  "__DWARFXA,__debug_abbrev"
+ #define DEBUG_ARANGES_SECTION "__DWARFXA,__debug_aranges"
+ #define DEBUG_MACINFO_SECTION "__DWARFXA,__debug_macinfo"
+ #define DEBUG_LINE_SECTION    "__DWARFXA,__debug_line"
+ #define DEBUG_LOC_SECTION     "__DWARFXA,__debug_loc"
+ #define DEBUG_PUBNAMES_SECTION        "__DWARFXA,__debug_pubnames"
+ #define DEBUG_STR_SECTION     "__DWARFXA,__debug_str"
+ #define DEBUG_RANGES_SECTION  "__DWARFXA,__debug_ranges"

We originally picked "__DWARFXA" as a segment name so as to indicate
that it was experimental, in case we had to have special-case code
in cctools or whatever. Now that this is real, the segment name should
be just "__DWARFA", indicating our first-generation version ("A"/"B"
etc decouples from Dwarf 2.0, 3, ... - probably overkill, but very
cheap insurance). It would be good to have a note to that effect too;
with that the change is fine to go in.


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