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[PATCH] ARM: Remove obsoleted apcs-26 and no-alignment-trapsoptions

This patch removes the code from the ARM compiler that was marked as
obsolete in the gcc 3.4 release.

Tested and installed on Mainline and csl-arm-branch.


2004-05-15  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.h (TARGET_APCS_32): Delete.
	(TARGET_CPU_CPP_BUILTINS): Unconditionally define __APCS_32__.  Never
	define __APCS_26__.
	(CPP_SPEC): Remove checking of -mapcs-{26,32}.
	(TARGET_SWITCHES): Remove alignment_traps and apcs-{26,32} switches.
	(prog_mode_type): Delete.
	(PROMOTE_MODE): Always promote unsigned for HImode.
	(MASK_RETURN_ADDR): Simplify.
	* arm.c (arm_prgmode): Delete.
	(arm_override_options, arm_gen_rotated_half_load): Simplify.
	(print_multi_reg, output_return_instruction): Simplify.
	(arm_output_epilogue, arm_final_prescan_insn): Simplify.
	(arm_return_addr): Simplify.
	* (prog_mode): Delete.
	(conds): Simplify.
	(zero_extendhisi2, extendhisi2, movhi, movhi_bytes): Simplify.
	(rotated_loadsi, movhi_insn_littleend, movhi_insn_bigend): Delete.
	(loadhi_si_bigend, loadhi_preinc, loadhi_shiftpreinc): Delete.
	(loadhi_shiftpredec): Delete.
	(peephole for post-increment on HImode load): Delete.
	* arm/crtn.asm: (FUNC_END): Simplify.
	* arm/lib1funcs.asm: Remove APCS-26 return macros.
	* arm/aof.h, arm/coff.h arm/elf.h arm/linux-elf.h arm/netbsd-elf.h
	* arm/netbsd.h arm/pe.h arm/semi.h arm/semiaof.h arm/unknown-elf.h 
	* arm/vxworks.h arm/wince-pe.h: Tidy TARGET_DEFAULTS and
	* arm/t-arm-elf arm/t-linux arm/t-pe arm/t-semi arm/t-wince-pe
	* arm/t-xscale-coff arm/t-xscale-elf arm/uclinux-elf: Tidy MULTILIB
	variables as required.
	* doc/invoke.texi (ARM Options): Remove obsolete flags.

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