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Re: Where is rd_gen computed in gcse.c

In message <>, Steven Bosscher writes:
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 >On Monday 10 May 2004 18:39, Steven Bosscher wrote:
 >> On Monday 10 May 2004 18:21, wrote:
 >> > I wouldn't lose a huge amount of sleep if the old classic GCSE algorithm
 >> > went away and we just didn't bother with GCSE at all when optimizing for
 >> > size.
 >> I wouldn't want you to lose any sleep at all, but I'll prepare
 >> a patch to remove classic gcse anyway.  Whee, gcse is getting
 >> smaller and smaller :)
 >Like so.  I also took the liberty of removing delete_null_pointer_checks
 >as discussed.  Bootstrapped&tested on amd64, OK?
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 >	filename="patch"
 >	* common.opt (fdelete-null-pointer-checks): Remove.
 >	* opts.c (decode_options): Don't set delete_null_pointer_checks.
 >	(common_handle_option): Likewise.
 >	* passes.c (rest_of_handle_null_pointer): Remove.
 >	(rest_of_handle_cse): Don't call rest_of_handle_null_pointer.
 >	(rest_of_compilation): Likewise.
 >	* toplev.c (flag_delete_null_pointer_checks): Remove flag.
 >	* toplev.h (flag_delete_null_pointer_checks): Likewise.
 >	* rtl.h (delete_null_pointer_checks): Remove prototype.
 >	* gcse.c (rd_kill, rd_gen, reaching_defs, rd_out, ae_in, ae_out):
 >	Remove declarations.
 >	(get_bitmap_width, alloc_rd_mem, free_rd_mem, handle_rd_kill_set,
 >	compute_kill_rd, compute_rd, alloc_avail_expr_mem,
 >	free_avail_expr_mem, compute_ae_gen, expr_killed_p, compute_ae_kill,
 >	expr_reaches_here_p, computing_insn, def_reaches_here_p,
 >	can_disregard_other_sets, handle_avail_expr, classic_gcse,
 >	one_classic_gcse_pass, invalidate_nonnull_info,
 >	delete_null_pointer_checks_1, delete_null_pointer_checks,
 >	expr_reached_here_p_work): Remove.
 >	(gcse_main): Do not perform classic GCSE when optimizing for size.
 >	(alloc_pre_mem, free_pre_mem): Don't touch ae_in and ae_out, they
 >	are never used.
 >	* doc/invoke.texi: Remove all references to null pointer check
 >	elimination.
Leave the docs and the flag for -fdelete-null-pointer-checks in -- we need to
check it in tree-ssa-dom.c.  I can take care of that little hunk when I
check in the null pointer check improvements that are queued up.

Otherwise OK.


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