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Re: PATCH: PR target/15383: __float128 function name is used forlong double

Jim Wilson <> writes:

> I think this would be clearer if it was changed to check cmptf_libcall
> instead of TARGET_HPUX.  That makes the connection between
> ia64_hpux_init_libfuncs a direct connection, instead of an indirect
> connection via TARGET_HPUX.  It might also be useful to add an abort
> for the case where GET_MODE (op) == TFmode and cmptf_libcall is not
> set.  In that case, we would fall through and generate an
> unrecognizable insn. It is perhaps better to abort, or give a suitable
> error, than to generate an unrecognizable insn.  We should never reach
> here with TFmode if eq_optab etc are set.


> Your set of comparisons by the way is incomplete.  There is also
> unord_optab.  This matters for FP comparisons like ordered, unordered,
> uneq, unge, ungt, unle, unlt, and ltgt.

Last I checked didn't have the branch expanders for those -
hence the FUTURE: comment in ia64_expand_compare.  Hmm, I see there is
now [bs]ordered and [bs]unordered but not the others.


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