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Re: [gfortran] update copyright years and copyright boilerplate

On Saturday 08 May 2004 15:06, Tobias Schlüter wrote:
> This boring, comment-only patch updates the copyright years so that the
> correct years are shown. I also updated the copyright boilerplates to
> say "GCC" instead of "GNU G95". Long. Boring.
> (For some reason I can't attach files: mozilla always reports an error
> when it tries to open its file selector dialog. I also don't seem to
> have uuencode installed, otherwise I would have gzipped this patch, and
> posted the uuencoded output instead. I'm sorry if this mail is to large.)
> - Tobi
> 2004-05-08  Tobias Schlüter  <>
> 	*, arith.c, arith.h, array.c, bbt.c, check.c,
> 	decl.c, dependency.c, dependency.h, dump-parse-tree.c, error.c,
> 	expr.c, f95-lang.c, gfortran.h, interface.c, intrinsic.c,
> 	intrinsic.h, io.c, iresolve.c, lang-specs.h, match.c, match.h,
> 	matchexp.c, misc.c, module.c, options.c, parse.c, parse.h,
> 	primary.c, resolve.c, scanner.c, simplify.c, st.c, symbol.c,
> 	trans-array.c, trans-array.h, trans-common.c, trans-const.c,
> 	trans-const.h, trans-decl.c, trans-expr.c, trans-intrinsic.c,
> 	trans-io.c, trans-stmt.c, trans-stmt.h, trans-types.c,
> 	trans-types.h, trans.c, trans.h: Update copyright years and
> 	boilerplate.
> 	* data.c: Likewise, also removed two whitespace-only lines.
> 	* gfortran.texi: Update last modified date to match ChangeLog.
> 	* gfortranspec.c, lang.opt: Update copyright years.



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