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[gfortran] patch for pr 15413

The Fortran standard specifies that list-directed output should begin
with a blank. This patch will make it so. Numbers already do this
correctly, so the patch only changes output of characters.

Additionally, the patch changes the output of logicals to be L2, as
the comment in the source code actually says. E.g. this means that the

program foo
    print *, .TRUE., .FALSE.
end program foo

should print:

 T F

Previously it printed:

 T  F

I.e. there were two spaces between the values. I tried with ifort and
xlf, and they print it out as the first example. And according to that
same source code comment, DEC FORTRAN also does it, so I guess it's
the usual way of doing things.


diff -c3 -p write.c.orig write.c
*** write.c.orig        Thu May 13 23:09:02 2004
--- write.c     Fri May 14 00:54:52 2004
*************** write_char (char c)
*** 880,886 ****
  static void
  write_logical (const char *source, int length)
-   write_char (' ');
    write_char (extract_int (source, length) ? 'T' : 'F');
--- 880,885 ----
*************** list_formatted_write (bt type, void *p, 
*** 1039,1044 ****
--- 1038,1045 ----
        g.first_item = 0;
        char_flag = 0;
+       if (type == BT_CHARACTER || type == BT_LOGICAL)
+         write_char(' ');


write.c.orig here refers to tree-ssa 20040513

(Ok, so the patch is quite trivial, but it's my first patch ever to
gcc, so.. be gentle ;-) )

Janne Blomqvist

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