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Re: [PR 9283] and [PR 15000]

On 10 May 2004 at 23:12, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> Our policy is to add patches first against GCC mainline - GCC 3.4 is
> on the release branch.  New features like this are not added to
> release branches in general.

Sorry for being unclear - I meant it was diffed against GCC 3.4.0 
release. It would almost certainly apply to CVS head without 
incident. I diffed against 3.4.0 release because my library needs 
this patch to be useable and thus it's easiest for users.

> What's the copyright situation of this patch?  Has everybody involved
> done the paperwork?

Emm, it would be mixed between me and Brian (Brian did the hard 
stuff). I suppose Jason Merrill has copyright on about four lines :)

I would have thought it's small enough not to require a copyright 
assignment - however it's not a problem to do one if it's electronic. 
I wouldn't be able to afford a transatlantic fax call :(

I also want to run this past Dave Abrahams as he might see something 
me and Brian have not. I'll know this soon.


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