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Re: Java: Debug info

Andrew Haley wrote:
> TYPE_VFIELD(type) points to the field that is the vtable of the first
> base class in a superclass chain.  In Java, every class inherits its
> sole vtable from java.lang.Object.

Hi Andrew,

    A few quick questions:

1. What's the context for this patch? Is it Dave Menendez's
recent thread:

on wrong Java methods being called via CNI?

2. Happily, I see a new XPASS in Jacks (9.2-implicit-4) between
last night (Indian time) when I committed the last Jacks
expected results and this morning when I built and tested
a fresh checkout - it is most likely due to your patch, as
the only other patch committed (by Andrew Pinski) in this
interval couldn't possibly have affected the results. If
true, can you please update jacks.xfail?

I see no new failures in Jacks, BTW.

3. To verify #2 above, I tried to back out your patch but
I noticed that you seem to have committed a slightly different
version that what you posted - if you have that version
somewhere handy on your disc, can you please post it? (I
can reconstruct it myself via CVS, but you can make my
life much easier. ;-))


Ranjit Mathew          Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.      Web:

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