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[PATCH] Speedup java front-end when compiling from source

With the recent complaint that compiling libjava is slow. I decided to see if I
could speed up the java front-end and I found that it was calling getc a huge
amount even though the warnings or errors were being outputted. The problem
is that parser_check_super_interface was calling lookup_cl which generates the
huge amount of calls to getc (indirectly via java_get_line_col). This patches
causes lookup_cl not be called unless the error is going to be outputted.
This saves about 10% when compiling "java{,x}/sql/*.java" at -O0.

Bootstrapped and tested on powerpc-apple-darwin with no regressions and it felt
to compile faster.

Andrew Pinski


	* parse.y (check_pkg_class_access): Add new argument
	and use it when cl is NULL to call lookup_cl on it.
	(parser_check_super_interface): Do not call lookup_cl.
	Pass this_decl to check_pkg_class_access and NULL
	instead of lookup_cl.
	(parser_check_super): Update for change in
	(do_resolve_class): Likewise.
	(process_imports): Likewise.
	(find_in_imports_on_demand): Likewise.

--- /Users/pinskia/src/gcc-tree-ssa/gcc/gcc/java/parse.y Thu Apr 29 16:09:46 2004
+++ ./parse.y Sat May 8 21:51:26 2004
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ static void read_import_dir (tree);
static int find_in_imports_on_demand (tree, tree);
static void find_in_imports (tree, tree);
static void check_inner_class_access (tree, tree, tree);
-static int check_pkg_class_access (tree, tree, bool);
+static int check_pkg_class_access (tree, tree, bool, tree);
static void register_package (tree);
static tree resolve_package (tree, tree *, tree *);
static tree resolve_class (tree, tree, tree, tree);
@@ -5062,7 +5062,7 @@ parser_check_super_interface (tree super
access rules (6.6.1). */
if (! INNER_CLASS_P (super_type)
&& check_pkg_class_access (DECL_NAME (super_decl),
- lookup_cl (this_decl), true))
+ NULL_TREE, true, this_decl))
return 1;

SOURCE_FRONTEND_DEBUG (("Completing interface %s with %s",
@@ -5100,7 +5100,7 @@ parser_check_super (tree super_decl, tre
/* Check top-level class scope. Inner classes are subject to member access
rules (6.6.1). */
if (! INNER_CLASS_P (super_type)
- && (check_pkg_class_access (DECL_NAME (super_decl), wfl, true)))
+ && (check_pkg_class_access (DECL_NAME (super_decl), wfl, true, NULL_TREE)))
return 1;

SOURCE_FRONTEND_DEBUG (("Completing class %s with %s",
@@ -5840,7 +5840,7 @@ do_resolve_class (tree enclosing, tree c
by the caller. */
if (cl)
- if (check_pkg_class_access (TYPE_NAME (class_type), cl, true))
+ if (check_pkg_class_access (TYPE_NAME (class_type), cl, true, NULL_TREE))
return NULL_TREE;

@@ -6800,7 +6800,7 @@ process_imports (void)
QUALIFIED_P (to_be_found) = 1;
load_class (to_be_found, 0);
error_found =
- check_pkg_class_access (to_be_found, TREE_PURPOSE (import), true);
+ check_pkg_class_access (to_be_found, TREE_PURPOSE (import), true, NULL_TREE);

 	  /* We found it, we can bail out */
 	  if (IDENTIFIER_CLASS_VALUE (to_be_found))
@@ -7044,7 +7044,7 @@ find_in_imports_on_demand (tree enclosin
       if (decl && ! INNER_CLASS_P (TREE_TYPE (decl)))
 	access_check = check_pkg_class_access (node, TREE_PURPOSE (import),
-					       false);
+					       false, NULL_TREE);
 	/* 6.6.1: Inner classes are subject to member access rules. */
 	access_check = 0;
@@ -7230,10 +7230,11 @@ check_inner_class_access (tree decl, tre
 /* Accessibility check for top-level classes. If CLASS_NAME is in a
    foreign package, it must be PUBLIC. Return 0 if no access
    violations were found, 1 otherwise. If VERBOSE is true and an error
-   was found, it is reported and accounted for.  */
+   was found, it is reported and accounted for.  If cl is NULL then
+   lookup it up with THIS_DECL.  */

static int
-check_pkg_class_access (tree class_name, tree cl, bool verbose)
+check_pkg_class_access (tree class_name, tree cl, bool verbose, tree this_decl)
tree type;

@@ -7258,7 +7259,8 @@ check_pkg_class_access (tree class_name,

if (verbose)
- (cl, "Can't access %s `%s'. Only public classes and interfaces in other packages can be accessed",
+ (cl == NULL ? lookup_cl (this_decl): cl,
+ "Can't access %s `%s'. Only public classes and interfaces in other packages can be accessed",
(CLASS_INTERFACE (TYPE_NAME (type)) ? "interface" : "class"),
return 1;

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