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Re: [PATCH] new-bootstrap with preinstalling

Paolo Bonzini wrote:

New-bootstrapped/regtested i686-pc-linux-gnu, ok for mainline if the
gcc.c patch is approved?
OK, provided the problems below aren't problems.

Sorry I've been so absentee about the configuration/Makefile work; I will probably continue to be so for a month or more.


2004-05-07 Paolo Bonzini <>

    * Makefile.tpl (new-bootstrap): Use symbolic links instead of
I think we have to support bootstrapping on targets with no symlinks, don't we? :-P Perhaps this ought to be done using $(LN_S), and the code for getting that should be put somewhere Or something. Or maybe we don't have to and this isn't really a problem.

    (configure-stage2-gcc): Likewise.
    (configure-stage2-gcc): Likewise, plus use preinstalled gcc.
    (configure-stage3-gcc): Likewise, plus use preinstalled gcc.
    (all-stage1-gcc): Preinstall after making.
    (all-stage3-gcc): Remove STAGE_PREFIX, moved to
    (all-stage2-gcc): Both of the above.
    (POSTSTAGE1_FLAGS_TO_PASS): Point to preinstalled gcc, and
    include    STAGE_PREFIX.

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