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Re: [m68k] Use ColdFire V4 mov3q instruction to store constants tomemory

Peter Barada wrote:
I've saved all the patches you've submitted and will
shortly apply them to 3.4-branch for regression testing.

My test box is currently executing the test suite
on the unpatched version of GCC.

Is that a ColdFire or m68k box?

m68k. No ColdFire board I have can reliably host the dejagnu testsuite. For this, we'll hopefully be able to use your enhanced ColdFire emulator.

NOTE: let's use [m68k] instead of [PATCH] for these
patches.  Most people don't read all messages in
gcc-patches (I certainly don't) and look these tags
to quickly spot patches in their interest areas.

I'll switch to [m68k] to mark these patches. The patches are not incremental, they can each stand on their own so you may have some 'fuzz' in applying them.

Nice. Hopefully they will also apply to both 3.4 and mainline since the m68k backend has not changed much since the branch.

 // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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