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Re: Add -iquote support

Mike Stump <> writes:

>> Before we add this additional knob, is there any implementation
>> precedent out there?
> That is the _only_ thing driving this _feature_.  If we didn't care
> about existing uses (users), we could dodge the issue and not provide
> it.
> Another solution would be to change -I- to not so disable current dir
> searching, that would allow us to use -I-, but, that has the cost of
> potentially breaking older uses of -I-.  I don't think I like this
> solution, but others might.

The thing is, I'm pretty much convinced that there are no older uses
of -I-, because it just plain doesn't work.  System headers rely on
directory-of-the-current-file behavior.  GCC's fixincludes mechanism
relies on it.  Software tends to rely on it internally, although
that's a weaker argument since software that uses -I- wouldn't.

Tell you what.  I am agreed in principle with a patch that
simultaneously adds -iquote and removes -I- entirely (make it issue an
error).  For mainline.  Provided you make a loud public announcement
of this so we can see if any users come crawling out of the crevices.

This is not a preapproval; I will want to see the patch and check it
for technical issues.


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