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[Patch]: Remove ifdef ASM_OUTPUT_DEF from cp/method.c [Was: GCC buildof HEAD failed for native with your patch on 2004-04-08T22:45:03Z].


The following patch removes the #ifdef ASM_OUTPUT_DEF guards from
cp/method.c. They are not necessary and the removal fixes the recent
breakage on targets without an ASM_OUTPUT_DEF (eg,
powerpc-apple-darwin), (Sorry. I am responsible for that breakage).

The runtime condition TARGET_USE_LOCAL_THUNK_ALIAS_P in use_thunk is
sufficient and should optimise away for default expansions.

If you really want to keep the #ifdef ASM_OUTPUT_DEF in method.c, I will
submit an alternate patch that adds another one.


2004-04-09  Danny Smith  <>

        * method.c (make_alias_for_thunk): Remove preprocessor guard on
        declaration and definition.

*** method.c.orig Wed Apr  7 20:42:55 2004
--- method.c Fri Apr  9 03:38:03 2004
*************** static tree synthesize_exception_spec (t
*** 62,70 ****
  static tree locate_dtor (tree, void *);
  static tree locate_ctor (tree, void *);
  static tree locate_copy (tree, void *);
  static tree make_alias_for_thunk (tree);
- #endif
  /* Called once to initialize method.c.  */
--- 62,68 ----
*************** thunk_adjust (tree ptr, bool this_adjust
*** 273,282 ****
    return ptr;
- /* Garbage collector tables contains thunk_labelno even when places
-    inside ifdef block.  */
  static GTY (()) int thunk_labelno;
  /* Create a static alias to function.  */
--- 271,277 ----
*************** make_alias_for_thunk (tree function)
*** 322,328 ****
      assemble_alias (alias, DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME (function));
    return alias;
- #endif
  /* Emit the definition of a C++ multiple inheritance or covariant
     return vtable thunk.  If EMIT_P is nonzero, the thunk is emitted
--- 317,322 ----

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