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committed: Ada updates

Tested on x86-linux
2004-03-29  Javier Miranda  <>

	* checks.adb (Null_Exclusion_Static_Checks): New subprogram
	(Install_Null_Excluding_Check): Local subprogram that determines whether
	an access node requires a runtime access check and if so inserts the
	appropriate run-time check.
	(Apply_Access_Check): Call Install_Null_Excluding check if required
	(Apply_Constraint_Check): Call Install_Null_Excluding check if required

	* (Null_Exclusion_Static_Checks): New subprogram

	* Fix typo in comment

	* exp_ch3.adb (Build_Assignment): Generate conversion to the
	null-excluding type to force the corresponding run-time check.
	(Expand_N_Object_Declaration): Generate conversion to the null-excluding
	type to force the corresponding run-time check.

	* exp_ch5.adb (Expand_N_Assignment_Statement): Generate conversion to
	the null-excluding type to force the corresponding run-time check.

	* exp_ch6.adb (Expand_Call): Do not generate the run-time check in
	case of access types unless they have the null-excluding attribute.

	* sprint.adb (Sprint_Node_Actual): Give support to the null-exclusing

	* Fix typo in comment

	* par.adb (P_Null_Exclusion): New subprogram
	(P_Subtype_Indication): New formal that indicates if the null-excluding
	part has been scanned-out and it was present

	* par-ch3.adb, par-ch4.adb, par-ch6.adb: Give support to AI-231

	* sem_aggr.adb: (Check_Can_Never_Be_Null): New subprogram
	(Aggregate_Constraint_Checks): Generate conversion to the null-excluding
	type to force the corresponding run-time check
	(Resolve_Aggregate): Propagate the null-excluding attribute to the array
	(Resolve_Array_Aggregate): Carry out some static checks
	(Resolve_Record_Aggregate.Get_Value): Carry out some static check

	* sem_ch3.adb (Access_Definition): In Ada 0Y the Can_Never_Be_Null
	attribute must be set only if specified by means of the null-excluding
	part. In addition, we must also propagate the access-constant attribute
	if present.
	(Access_Subprogram_Declaration, Access_Type_Declaration,
	Analyze_Component_Declaration, Analyze_Object_Declaration,
	Array_Type_Declaration, Process_Discriminants,
	Analyze_Subtype_Declaration): Propagate the null-excluding attribute
	and carry out some static checks.
	(Build_Derived_Access_Type): Set the null-excluding attribute
	(Derived_Type_Declaration, Process_Subtype): Carry out some static

	* sem_ch4.adb (Analyze_Allocator): Carry out some static checks

	* sem_ch5.adb (Analyze_Assignment): Carry out some static checks

	* sem_ch6.adb (Process_Formals): Carry out some static checks.
	(Set_Actual_Subtypes): Generate null-excluding subtype if the
	null-excluding part was present; it is not required to be done here in
	case of anonymous access types.
	(Set_Formal_Mode): Ada 0Y allows anonymous access to have the null

	* sem_res.adb (Resolve_Actuals): Carry out some static check
	(Resolve_Null): Allow null in anonymous access

	* sinfo.adb: New subprogram Null_Exclusion_Present
	All_Present and Constant_Present available on access_definition nodes

	* New flag Null_Exclusion_Present on subtype_declaration,
	object_declaration, derived_type_definition, component_definition,
	discriminant_specification, access_to_object_definition,
	access_function_definition, allocator, access_procedure_definition,
	access_definition, parameter_specification, All_Present and
	Constant_Present flags available on access_definition nodes.

2004-03-29  Robert Dewar  <>

	* fname.adb,, fname-sf.adb, fname-uf.adb,,
	gnat1drv.adb, lib.adb,, lib-load.adb, lib-writ.adb,, osint.adb,, osint-c.adb, par.adb,
	par-ch10.adb, par-load.adb, par-prag.adb, sfn_scan.adb,, sinput-l.adb,, switch-c.adb,
	sem_prag.adb: Updates to handle multiple units/file

	* par.adb: Change test for s-rpc to s-rp for detecting rpc and children

	* par.adb, memtrack.adb, prj-makr.adb, prj-part.adb,
	sem_util.adb: Minor reformatting

	* sem_ch12.adb: Add comment for previous change

2004-03-29  Laurent Pautet  <>

	* osint.adb (Executable_Prefix): Set Exec_Name to the current
	executable name when not initialized. Otherwise, use its current value.

	* (Exec_Name): Move Exec_Name from body to spec in order to
	initialize it to another executable name than the current one. This
	allows to configure paths for an executable name (gnatmake) different
	from the current one (gnatdist).

2004-03-29  Ed Schonberg  <>

	* exp_ch6.adb (Expand_Call): A call to a function declared in the
	current unit cannot be inlined if it appears in the body of a withed
	unit, to avoid order of elaboration problems in gigi.

	* exp_ch9.adb (Build_Protected_Sub_Specification): Generate debugging
	information for protected (wrapper) operation as well, to simplify gdb

	* sem_ch6.adb (Analyze_Subprogram_Body): For a private operation in a
	protected body, indicate that the entity for the generated spec comes
	from source, to ensure that references are properly generated for it.
	(Build_Body_To_Inline): Do not inline a function that returns a
	controlled type.

	* sem_prag.adb (Process_Convention): If subprogram is overloaded, only
	apply convention to homonyms that are declared explicitly.

	* sem_res.adb (Make_Call_Into_Operator): If the operation is a function
	that renames an equality operator and the operands are overloaded,
	resolve them with the declared formal types, before rewriting as an

2004-03-29  GNAT Script  <>

	* Makefile automatically updated

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