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Re: [tree-ssa/mainline] PR 14756

Jan Hubicka <> writes:

>> Jan Hubicka <> writes:
>> > Hi,
>> > the error is quite right about the fact that called function is not
>> > being considered for inlining.  The function is not inline function, but
>> > in the macro call it is casted to inline function, so we get the warning
>> > output.
>> >
>> > This patch makes the errors/warnings to be controlled by the function
>> > type, not the type it has been possibly casted to.
>> That sounds right to me.
>> > Zack, perhaps we should issue warning when casting non-inlie to inline
>> > and error when casting non-always-inline to always-inline?
>> Why are casts which add/remove 'inline' allowed *at all*?
> I am not sure.  Outputting hard errors would be fine to me too.  I guess
> it depends on what C standard thinks here.

*looks* I think writing a cast with "inline" in it violates the
constraint in C99 6.7.4p2:

    Function specifiers shall be used only in the declaration of an
    identifier for a function.

So I am in favor of making a cast which adds or removes either the
"inline" function-specifier or the "always-inline" attribute be a hard

>> Isn't init_optimization_passes now being called twice?
> Apparently not:

So before, it wasn't being called at all?  If so, that piece of the
patch is approved, please commit it separately and iterate.


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