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Re: [patch] RFA builtins.c patch

Hi Richard,

> I'd be much happier about all this if these routines were more clearly 
> documented -- the ability to return "any" value with these routines is 

If the documentation for the various arrays are correct:

/* For each register that may be used for calling a function, this
   gives a mode used to copy the register's value.  VOIDmode indicates
   the register is not used for calling a function.  If the machine
   has register windows, this gives only the outbound registers.
   INCOMING_REGNO gives the corresponding inbound register.  */

then the current code that uses reg_raw_mode[regno] is ok to initialize
the array since we check that HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK is valid for any mode
that we come up with before we return the mode. If HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK
is true then there has to be a move instruction that we can use to pull
the value out or put the value into the register. This works the same
for both apply_args_mode and apply_value_mode.

At least, that's how I'm reading how these are supposed to work.


Eric Christopher <>

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