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PATCH RFA: Documentation patch for 3.4 and exec-shield-randomize

As we know, 3.4 PCH doesn't work in the presence of
exec-shield-randomize.  This has been fixed on mainline, but the patch
is probably too risky to backport for 3.4.0.

PR target/14206 is about this, and suggests that we at least document
this fact for 3.4.0.  Accordingly, here is a patch for this.  This is
only documented for i?86-*-linux*, because exec-shield-randomize is
only implemented for x86 GNU/Linux at the moment.

OK for 3.4?


2004-03-25  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	PR target/14206
	* doc/install.texi (Specific): Document that exec-shield-randomize
	interferes with precompiled headers.

Index: install.texi
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/doc/install.texi,v
retrieving revision
diff -p -u -r1.248.4.13 install.texi
--- install.texi	20 Mar 2004 15:33:51 -0000
+++ install.texi	25 Mar 2004 05:54:50 -0000
@@ -2793,6 +2793,18 @@ If you receive Signal 11 errors when bui
 possible you have a hardware problem.  Further information on this can be
 found on @uref{,,}.
+Some recent versions of GNU/Linux, such as Fedora Core 1, support
+exec-shield-randomize.  Turning this on interferes with precompiled
+headers.  If you need to use precompiled headers,
+exec-shield-randomize can be turned off for the entire system by
+editing @file{/etc/sysctl.conf} and adding a line:
+kernel.exec-shield-randomize = 0
+@end smallexample
+You may then need to run @samp{sysctl -p}.
+This will be fixed in future releases of GCC.
 <hr />
 @end html

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