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[tree-ssa Re: c-decl.c rewrite - final ]

In message <>, Zack Weinberg writes:
 >Here's the final version of the big c-decl.c rewrite.  To reiterate
 >the caveats:
 >- The patch induces a handful of regressions in the objc testsuite.
 >  Ziemowit Laski has promised to fix these.
 >- Inter-module optimization is broken to the point where I have
 >  forcibly disabled it.  I do not believe it will be terribly
 >  difficult to get it working again.
 >- The patch does not address PRs 7993, 12336, 13801, or 13956.
 >  Given the nature of 7993 I would like to ask that one of the
 >  Objective-C maintainers investigate applying to the 3.4 branch the
 >  patch that was already applied to the 3.3 branch - it needs fixing
 >  up to apply cleanly, but should not require a total rewrite.  The
 >  others I will get to in due course.
 >I will be out of town from tomorrow until April 2nd, and cannot
 >promise to do anything about the above issues until Monday the 5th,
 >nor can I promise to address other issues caused by this patch until
 >then.  I will, however, be reading my email intermittently.
 >Bootstrapped i686-linux (all languages except Ada and treelang);
 >applied to mainline.
FYI  -- I'm currently investigating how much work it will be to suck
this into the tree-ssa branch.  I have reason to believe this will fix
a goodly number of build failures when trying to build FC2 with the
tree-ssa compiler.


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