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Re: [RFC] [tree-ssa] Fix handling of BIT_FIELD_REFs and VECTOR_TYPEs

> > > Fortunately, this is easy to do: do all your operations and then
> > > construct the new value all at once with
> > > a_6 = CONSTRUCTOR (t_5, t_6, t_7, t_8).
> >
> > Hmm.  I may have lied here.  I do think that this is the right
> > representation, but we'll need to modify get_expr_operands in
> > order to make this work; at present constructors are only
> > present in gimple as vector constants.

No, it works because CONSTRUCTOR goes through the TREE_LIST for the items and,
from there, to the four (in this case) items.  Vector initializers already use

    int x __attribute__ ((vector_size (16))) = { a, 2*a, 3*a, 4*a };

My vector lowering patch now works fine with this approach, without using any
VDEFs/VUSEs for VECTOR_TYPEs.  In the end I am using BIT_FIELD_REF for the
source vectors, CONSTRUCTOR to build the result, and VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR to
optimize cases where it is possible to work a word at a time instead of a
vector element at a time.  The code is longer than what's in optabs.c, but it
optimizes more cases.

On tree-profiling branch I can run it always, just before the expander,
together with tree-complex and instead of those parts of the expander.  I
started the regtests before leaving the office.

> Does this mean I'm misusing the constructor

Based on the snippet you sent, it is not different from what I'm doing with
CONSTRUCTOR, so you should be doing right.


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