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Re: [RFA/dwarf-2] Avoid unnecessary subrange_type (3/3)

On Thu, 18 Mar 2004 12:15:10 -0800, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:

>    --  The predefined signed integer types are constrained subtypes which
>    --  must have a corresponding unconstrained base type. This type is almost
> I double check for other languages such as C, and "long long int" tree
> do not have a TREE_TYPE.

No, C doesn't have range types.

> That suggests the addition of an is_ada() quick-check for the CU language
> before going through the rest of the test, to limit this base type
> detection to Ada types. However, I think that this test is applicable to
> all languages; so eventhough I do not know of example of base types from
> other languages being built that way, doing this check can only help.

It might be applicable to the Pascal/Modula family, if and when such a
language is added to the tree, so I suppose that's OK.

> Unfortunately, for a reason I don't understand yet, the TYPE_SIZE nodes
> are not identical for type "integer". For now, I suggest keeping the
> size check as it is now, with a dated-fixme if necessary.

OK, please do add that FIXME.

> Shall I go ahead, complete the testing for the following condition:



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