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Re: [PATCH, committed] Fix altivec type

On 19 Mar, 2004, at 5.14, Bonzini wrote:

Committed as obvious.  I found these while checking whether Altivec
is really creating millions of vector types; luckily it seems it does
not, maybe it did in an older version.  The macros do not create
any type; instead the altivec attribute always return one of the types
created in rs6000_init_builtins.

Yes, that's right.

I'm CCing Richard because this goes against his recommendation to add hashing of vector types. It seems very strange to me that he's wrong, so I'm asking.

I'm CCing Geoff because I have not received any reports from the
automated regression checker, so it took me a few days to find that
there's this typo.  Is the checker down?

Yes it is. :-(

BTW, thanks for following up on this. Only yesterday did I discover that
AltiVec was in fact broken on the FSF mainline. (I believe that the PowerPC
simulator you were using does _not_ support AltiVec and so you probably
wouldn't have seen the failures.)

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