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Re: PATCH: Two C regressions in GCC 3.4.

In message <>, "Joseph 
S. Myers" writes:
 >> (I ran into a couple of these building FC2 with the tree-ssa branch and had
 >>  queued them for reinvestigation).
 >It's clear a regression tester doing this sort of thing (building
 >distributions and reporting changes in what builds or diagnostics) would
 >be of value to see what a patch breaks (or how useful a new diagnostic in
 >-Wall is on real code, or how frequent some deprecated usage is) so it can
 >then be judged at the time whether the breakage is correct (broken
 >software) or incorrect (broken GCC) rather than maybe some time later.  
 >But I guess the resource requirements for doing such builds frequently
 >enough would be rather too large.
It's rather expensive.  On my little cluster (5 cpus) it takes nearly
48 hours to build FC2 -- and that is with several large packages not building
yet (glibc, parts of kde, openoffice).  During that time little else can
happen on those machines, so it's not something I do on a regular basis.


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