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Re: RFC/RFHelp: c-decl.c rewrite - almost but not quite

On Mar 16, 2004, at 12:54, Zack Weinberg wrote:

Here finally is the big c-decl.c rewrite. I'm pleased to report it solves the infamous dwarf2out ICE and several other bugs (see the changelog for details). However, I need some help finishing it.

Most significantly, the Objective-C and possibly Java front ends
appear to be broken by this patch, such that neither runtime library
can be built.  For Objective-C the symptoms are a bunch of warnings
about unexpected types for 'id' followed by an ICE in list_length
owing to a list of global decls that has somehow become circular.
(I added circular list detection to list_length under ENABLE_CHECKING;
without that it would be an infinite loop instead of an ICE.)

Some investigating work on my part, some of the Objective-C failures is
due to the front-end putting a variable in the global scope only as
there is no file scope at the point which it inserts it.
The function which causes this is generate_forward_declaration_to_string_table.
But the code to use the decl has been dead for a long time and maybe should be
removed too.
The code that used it was removed <>
but it was "#if 0" before that and I cannot find the place where it was "#if 0" out.

I will run the who Objective-C testsuite on this change.

Andrew Pinski

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