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Re: PATCH RFC: Remove fork from collect2

From: "Ian Lance Taylor"

> Here is the promised patch to remove the fork call from collect2.

With your patch, there is still aproblem with signal handling on w32,
in particular, the use of kill() in handler().

A patch to csl-arm-branch in December has already addressed that
problem, and merging it with your patch gets me a working collect2 on

Attached is the diff of collect2.c against 3.4 branch, including your
and the relevant part of the csl-arm-branch patch.


 Merge collect2 signal handling patch from csl_arm_branch

 2003-12-23  Zack Weinberg  <>
      Nathan Sidwell  <>
      Mark Mitchell  <>

 * collect2.c (windows.h): Include.
 (clean_up_temp_files): New funciton.
 (handler): Change prototype for _WIN32. Use clean_up_temp_files.
 (unhandled_filter): New function.
 (install_handlers): Likewise.
 (disable_break): Likewise.
 (enable_break): Likewise.
 (main): Call install_handlers rather than signal directly.
 (scan_prog_file): Use disable_break. enable_break.
 (scan_libraries): Likewise.

Attachment: collect2.signal.diff
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