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Re: [patch] function inlining when optimize for size (PR11830)

I have examined if it is possible to use the function inlining when
optimizing for size. I've found we can use it without any risk because
when the max-inline-insns-* parameters were set with a small value
the function inlining doesn't inline large functions.

It is also fix the PR11830 (

I measuerd the size effect on CSiBE and this patch made about 1% code
size save (arm:1.212%, i386:1.024%, i686:1.029%, m68k:0.795%,
mips:1.096%, ppc:1.106%).

Bootstrapped and regtested on i686-pc-linux-gnu and regtested also on
{arm,mips,ppc}-elf with no new failures.

What happens if the user passes these parameter on the command line? In that case the user supplied option has to work IMO. Have you tested this?

Yes, the user could overwrite these params without any problem. As you can see, these patch is only enabling -finline-functions and -finline-limit=10 parameters when optimizing for size. I've found no sideeffect.

  Gábor Lóki

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