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Re: [tree-ssa] Merge status

On Sun, 14 Mar 2004, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> I agree.  It is very easy to write casts as lvalues, and for a long
> time gcc didn't even warn about them.  In looking through the mail
> archives, I see cogent reasons for removing the extension for C++, but
> no good reasons to remove it for C.  As far as I know, the extension
> is umabiguous in C, and is simply syntactic sugar.

Syntactic sugar and, therefore, not worth the costs in maintainability;
extensions should add expressive value to justify themselves.  See the
amount of code removed that was to support extended lvalues as evidence.  
(There were also cases where -pedantic caused errors rather than warnings
from extended lvalues, which did not seem worthwhile to fix - this does
mean the deprecation warnings in 3.4 may not trigger for the case where
the cast is to the same type.)

One of the biggest users of GCC extensions is the Linux kernel; Linus
Torvalds has supported getting rid of this extension, describing it as
"braindamaged". I concur; code using the extension seems to be
intrinsically obfuscated.

If SPEC uses extended lvalues, how did it ever work with non-GCC

Joseph S. Myers

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