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[csl-arm, HEAD] ARM PATCH - fix QImode addressing on ARMv4

This patch fixes the way that we manage QImode indexes when compiling for
ARM Architecture v4 or later.  In v4 we have a ldrsb instruction that can
sign-extend a byte load (ldrb zero-extends).  Unfortunately the indexing
capabilities of this insn are less flexible than its unsigned counterpart.
In the past we have restricted (mostly) the indexing range of ldrb to that
of its poorer cousin: that generates correct code, but at the expense of
wasting instructions when the indexing exceeds the capabilities of ldrsb.

The patch below addresses all this by introducing a new memory predicate
arm_extendqisi_mem_op which can validate a ldrsb address index distinctly
from an ldrb address index (it does so by calling arm_legitimate_address_p
with a new argument, the 'outer' code in much the same way as the RTX_COST
macros do.

Measurements on CSiBE code show about 0.1% code size reduction with this

Built and regress tested for arm-unknown-elf on the csl-arm-branch and
HEAD, and fully bootstrapped on armv4-linux-gnu on HEAD.

Committed to csl-arm and HEAD.

2004-03-13  Richard Earnshaw  <>

	* arm.c (arm_legitimate_address_p): New argument, OUTER.  Pass through
	to arm_legitimate_index_p.  Update all callers with SET as default
	(arm_legitimate_index_p): New argument, OUTER.  Restrict the index
	range if OUTER is a sign-extend operation on QImode.  Correctly
	reject shift operations on sign-extended QImode addresses.
	(bad_signed_byte_operand): Delete.
	(arm_extendqisi_mem_op): New function.
	* arm.h (EXTRA_CONSTRAINT_ARM): Delete.  Replace with...
	(EXTRA_CONSTRAINT_STR_ARM): ... this.  Handle extended address
	(EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): Delete.  Replace with...
	(PREDICATE_CODES): Remove bad_signed_byte_operand.
	* (extendqihi_insn): Use new constraint Uq.  Rework.  Length
	is now always default.
	(define_splits for bad sign-extend loads): Delete.
	(arm_extendqisi, arm_extendqisi_v5): Likewise.
	* arm/ (arm_movsi_vfp, arm_movdi_vfp, movsf_vfp, movdf_vfp):
	Rework 'U' constraint to 'Uv'.
	* arm-protos.h: Remove bad_signed_byte_operand.  Add
	* doc/md.texi (ARM constraints): Rename VFP constraint (now Uv).
	Add Uq constraint.

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