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Re: Powerpc64 long double support

Richard Sandiford <> writes:

> Alan Modra <> writes:
>>> My only concern (in case it wasn't obvious ;) is that you don't
>>> change the behaviour for IRIX.
>> Easy.  I can add this.
>>   else if (!fmt->qnan_msb_set)
>>     {
>>       /* MIPS slavishly follows proprietary compilers, which use 0.0
>> 	 in the low word.  */
>>       buf[2] = 0;
>>       buf[3] = 0;
>>     }
> Sounds good, although the comment's a bit on the vitriolic side. ;)
> Surely the long double representation is as much a part of the ABI as
> any other data representation?  I.e., it's not that were doing something
> just because another compiler does it.  We're doing it because that's
> the platform ABI.

The sign bit might also be a don't-care at this point, in which case both
formats must be supported.


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