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Re: PATCH [mainline] speed up comparing enums declared in multiple translation units

On Mar 9, 2004, at 15:00, Fariborz Jahanian wrote:

On Mar 9, 2004, at 2:50 PM, Andrew Pinski wrote:

On Mar 9, 2004, at 13:29, Fariborz Jahanian wrote:

I just tried this with -O3 -fdump-tree-all -funroll-loops -mcpu=G5 -fno-PIC and it took me
12 minutes to compile mesa that is with the tree-ssa as of last night, I am going to try it

I don't believe with tree-ssa alone you get the IMA. You need some of the local patches.

The only local patch I know of is for the driver which I do not invoke at all when doing my timings:

/Volumes/UFS_Partition/pinskia/gccssa/libexec/gcc/powerpc-apple- darwin7.0.0/3.5-tree-ssa/cc1 -O3 -fdump-tree-all -funroll-loops -mcpu=G5 accum.c alpha.c alphabuf.c api1.c api2.c attrib.c bitmap.c blend.c clip.c colortab.c context.c copypix.c depth.c dlist.c drawpix.c enable.c eval.c feedback.c fog.c get.c hash.c image.c light.c lines.c logic.c masking.c matrix.c misc.c mmath.c osmesa.c pb.c pixel.c pointers.c points.c polygon.c quads.c rastpos.c readpix.c rect.c scissor.c shade.c span.c stencil.c teximage.c texobj.c texstate.c texture.c triangle.c varray.c vb.c vbfill.c vbrender.c vbxform.c winpos.c xform.c mesa4.c

Andrew Pinski

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