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Jason Merrill wrote:

Well, then it seems to me that you get to come up with another solution for
hashing types across PCH. This strategy is what Geoff suggested.

I've previously objected to the fact that the PCH design does not permit hashing on pointers.

That's a good way to make things go slower: we need more space in trees to store these UIDs, and we have to read from memory more often when doing hashing operations because we have to indirect through a pointer instead of just reading from it.

It's possible that this is somehow less expensive than whatever would have to be done to PCH to support it, but I don't see that as being likely. I do not believe that this tradeoff was benchmarked before committing to the PCH design. Other PCH mechanisms do not have this issue, and that other compilers use pointer-hashing extensively.

If you need to make these kinds of changes because we screw things up horribly otherwise, I don't see we have any choice in the short term. But, the PCH implementation really should be fixed -- or someone should explain why it is that the fix is going to be more expensive than an extra word per _DECL and _TYPE node.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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