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Re: Committed: target/14471, workaround for errata for CRIS mulinsns.

Hans-Peter Nilsson <> writes:

> As mentioned in the PR, it works to split up the last @ifset
> INTERNALS in md.texi, wrapping each of the @node:s in md.texi in
> its own.  (Strange that the size of the contents should matter
> that much; I'd think it would be thrown away after parson.)

The \doignore logic in texinfo.tex makes my head hurt, but I think
what's going on is, to handle nested conditions correctly it has to
read the entire ignored text into a macro parameter and then dig
through it.  I have done some clever things with TeX in my time but I
don't know if a better implementation is possible.

> Here's a patch to do that.  Is this ok?  For obvious reasons, I
> can't easily check that gccint.dvi looks the same with and
> without this patch.  (If you accept this workaround, could you
> please check?)
> 	* doc/md.texi (Pattern Ordering, Dependent Patterns)
> 	(Jump Patterns, Looping Patterns): Wrap in separate "@ifset

Patch is approved on condition of someone doing that check (I don't
have time).


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