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Re: [debug/13267] proposed patch to dwarf2out.c

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 15:52, DJ Delorie wrote:
> The MEM isn't picked up in rtl_for_decl_location because it isn't a
> PARM_DECL.  It's a VAR_DECL.  Here are the two DECLs:

OK.  That sounds simple enough.  We just need to modify
rtl_for_decl_location so that it does the big-endian correction for
VAR_DECL in addition to PARM_DECL.

This implies that the other debug info formats are also broken, e.g.
dbxout.c and sdbout.c, as they both only do big-endian corrections for
PARM_DECL.  So we need fixes for all of them.

That begs the question of why suddenly we have trouble with
register-declared VAR_DECLs in all debug info formats.  Maybe it is the
VAR_DECL that is wrong?  I just tried with a mips 3.5 toolchain and a
arm 3.3 toolchain, and neither one shows the problem on your testcase. 
How exactly did you get that result?  Fred Fish mentioned SH.  Is this
an SH specific problem?  If so, maybe the problem is in the SH port?
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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