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Re: Give a better error for PCH with exec-shield-randomize

Geoff Keating <> writes:

> It seems like this is a fairly complex and fragile workaround for an
> OS bug.  Is there some reason you can't just fix your kernel?  If not,
> the autoconf test for HAVE_MINCORE should be extended to test for the
> bug and ignore mincore() if it doesn't work.  Perhaps you could just
> test for linux in general, since the whole mincore() stuff itself
> was written to work around a Solaris "feature".
> This code:
> +      /* A Linux kernel with exec-shield-randomize set to a non-zero
> +	 value won't work.  Give a nice error message for this common
> +	 case.  */
> +      {
> +	FILE *pf;
> +
> +	pf = fopen ("/proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield-randomize", "r");
> +	if (pf != NULL)
> is Linux-specific code in the generic part of the compiler, and should
> not be there.

It's even more specific than Linux-specific.  The exec-shield patch is
AFAIK not part of any official Linus blessed Linux kernel.  You get
this behaviour only with a patch that Ingo Molnar has written.

 Andreas Jaeger,,
  SuSE Linux AG, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
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