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Re: [PATCH]: New peepholes for 68HC11 and 68HC12

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Hi Gerald,

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
| On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Stephane Carrez wrote:
|>This patch adds several peepholes:
|>   - optimize sequences of moves,
|>   - optimize 'and' 'or' to use bclr and bset forms,
|>   - optimize sequences that add a small number
|>Commited on 3_4 and mainline.
| clearly states "[3.4] open for bug fixes for
| regressions only".
| Please honor that in the future.
| Gerald

These improvements are specific to the m6811 port and do not
influence the rest of the compiler.  As such, I though it was
possible and accepted to have such improvements in (up to the
point where Mark says we need his approval, ie next monday).

Another reason why I do this late, is that it is difficult (for
my small brain and for the m6811 backend) to maintain the port
when the compiler core is changing (change in behavior, new bugs,
compile pb, ...).  This is why I try to concentrate my efforts
only when the core is stable enough.  Usually, this happens late,
during the last end of stage 3...

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