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Re: RFA: xscale-elf -mstrict-prototypes

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 20:29, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> > I am trying to avoid the overhead of conditioning a shorter-than-int
> > parameter in the callee.  
> Yes -- but I believe that is exactly the case that will be fixed in 
> AACPS.  I might be wrong, though.
I looked at the AAPCS last week with this in mind.  I didn't see
anything that would relate to conditioning of procedure parameters /
arguments.  Nor did I see anything in the ATPCS.
It's possible I missed it though.

> > int
> > main (int argc, char *argv[])
> > {
> >   return addhi3 (40000, -50000);
> > }
> > This call will pass out of range values to addhi3 which is incorrect but
> > may happen in existing code.
> We don't have to worry about that case, since, as you say, its invalid.
OK.  I wasn't sure how conservative we should be.

> I believe that GCC is doing the conditioning at both the caller and 
> callee currently.  It should be necessary to do it on only one side or 
> the other.  Therefore, I think that we should eliminate that 
> duplication, rather than add -mstrict-prototypes.
So you're suggesting that I reduce my patch to something like the
-#define TARGET_PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES hook_bool_tree_true
+#define TARGET_PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES hook_bool_tree_false

(Plus modified test cases.)

Thanks for your thoughts.

James Lemke   Orillia, Ontario

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