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Re: [patch] do not disregard LD_LIBRARY_PATH for native c++ tests

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 02:36:27PM -0500, John David Anglin wrote:
> > Is there a way to just set this in one place and be done with it? Can
> > this stuff be consolidated into one .exp file that everybody uses?
> Possibly, I can move this stuff into a new file "common.exp" in
> gcc/testsuite/lib.  It looks as if this could be loaded in libstdc++.exp
> using "load_gcc_lib common.exp".

That's the idea, although "common.exp" may be overstepping our bounds.
"target_libs_common.exp" might be more appropriate; more descriptive
at least.

There's a v3track wrapper to help keep an eye on what these variables
are holding.  It's used only a few times in the init routines.  It could
be renamed and reused.  The only downside is that at verbosity levels
2 and higher, a /lot/ of chatter from the rest of the framework appears.
(I prefixed the messages with '++' or '==' or something to help our messages
stand out.)  We can be more complex/clever with verbosity variables if we
feel the need, but I would rather look into Tcl's facilities for actually
tracing variables and printing notices when they are modified.


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