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Re: [PATCH] GCSE after reload - resubmit (SPECint +1.5% fp -0.5%).

Roger Sayle <> wrote on 25/02/2004 15:31:32:

> On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Mostafa Hagog wrote:
> > So I need approval for cvs write access.
> >
> In the meantime, I'd suggest that you repost the patch with all of the
> necessary corrections, so that I or someone else with CVS write access
> can commit it for you.

Here is an updated patch with the fixes, Passed regression tests and
bootstrap (again) on powerpc-apple-darwin7.2.0 and i686-pc-linux-gnu.

ChangeLog entry
2004-03-01  Mostafa Hagog  <>

      * common.opt: Add description of the new -fgcse-after-reload flag.

      * flags.h (flag_gcse_after_reload): Declaration of global variable.

      * gcse.c (reg_used_on_edge ,reg_set_between_after_reload_p,
      reg_used_between_after_reload_p, rtx get_avail_load_store_reg,
      is_jump_table_basic_block, bb_has_well_behaved_predecessors,
      get_bb_avail_insn, hash_scan_set_after_reload,
      compute_hash_table_after_reload, eliminate_partially_redundant_loads,
      gcse_after_reload, get_bb_avail_insn): New functions to implement
      (gcse_after_reload_main): New function, the main entry point to

      * rtl.h (gcse_after_reload_main): Declaration of the new function.

      * opts.c (common_handle_option): Handle the -fgcse-after-reload flag.

      * toplev.c (flag_gcse_after_reload): Initialization.
      (rest_of_handl_gcse2): Call gcse_after_reload_main.

      * doc/invoke.texi: Documentation for the new flag gcse-after-reload.

(See attached file: gcse-after-reload5.patch)

Attachment: gcse-after-reload5.patch
Description: Binary data

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