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Re: [PATCH] New port for CR16C and CRX processors (gcc)

Here are two new ports for National Semiconductor's CRX and CR16C

They are fixed according to Kazu Hirata and Joseph S. Myers comments.

kazu Hirata wrote:

>  You need to have a copyright assignment filed.  I am no expert on
>  this, so I let other people comment on this.

I asked Ted Teah and my assignment process with the FSF is now complete.

Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> Note that for it to be added to GCC CVS you will need someone to be
> willing to act as maintainer of the port, and the Steering Committee will
> need to approve them as maintainer

What should I do in order to offer myself as maintainer of the port?

Here is the change log. The ports are based on snapshot gcc-20040218.

2004-02-11 Tal Agmon <Tal dot Agmon at nsc dot com>

         Tomer Levi <Tomer dot Levi at nsc dot com>

               * Handle crx-*-* and cr16c-*-*.

               * config.gcc: Handle crx-*-* and cr16c-*-*.

               * gcc/doc/install.texi: Add CR16C and CRX information.

               * gcc/doc/contrib.texi: Add CR16C and CRX contributors.

               * gcc/doc/md.texi: Add CR16C and CRX specific constraints.

               * gcc/doc/invoke.texi: Add CR16C options.

               * gcc/doc/extend.texi: Add CR16C and CRX specific attribute.

               * config/crx/crx.c: new file.

               * config/crx/crx.h: Likewise.

               * config/crx/ Likewise.

               * config/crx/crx-protos.h: Likewise.

               * config/crx/t-crx: Likewise.

               * config/cr16c/cr16c.c: Likewise.

               * config/cr16c/cr16c.h: Likewise.

               * config/cr16c/ Likewise.

               * config/cr16c/cr16c-protos.h: Likewise.

               * config/cr16c/t-cr16c: Likewise.

               (See attached file: config_and_docs.patch.diff.bz2)(See
               attached file: crx.patch.diff.bz2)(See attached file:

(Embedded image moved to file: pic20395.pcx)

Attachment: config_and_docs.patch.diff.bz2
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Attachment: crx.patch.diff.bz2
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