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Re: [tree-ssa] Generic NRV optimization [was Re: two-elementstruct performance (was: strict-aliasing and typedefs) ]

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 14:39, wrote:
> In message <1077813404.16194.423.camel@localhost.localdomain>, Diego Novillo wr

>  >Well, we could move the RTL expanding logic from expand_return() but I'm
>  >not sure this the real fix.  This will fail on every host that has a
>  >parallel:BLK in DECL_RTL of RESULT_DECL.
> It's not the right fix.
> We either need to make the expanders a lot smarter about expanding
> references to part of a RESULT_DECL, particularly those which are
> PARALLELs or REGs, or we need to not perform NRV on a function that
> is going to return its value in a PARALLEL or REG.
> The former is probably best long term, the latter is quite easy to
> implement today and that's what I'm testing now.
The former is what I was hinting at with the idea of moving the RTL
expanding logic from expand_return().  It would have to be adapted, of

The latter is going to prevent NRV on any target that builds a PARALLEL
or a REG RETURN_DECL, wouldn't it?


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