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Re: [PATCH] GCSE after reload - resubmit (SPECint +1.5% fp -0.5%).

Roger Sayle <> wrote on 25/02/2004 15:31:32:

> On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Mostafa Hagog wrote:
> > So I need approval for cvs write access.
> >
> In the meantime, I'd suggest that you repost the patch with all of the
> necessary corrections, so that I or someone else with CVS write access
> can commit it for you.

Thanks in advanced.

> My personal opinion is that a contributor needs to demonstrate a full
> understanding of contribute.html before I'll personally sponsor their
> request for CVS write access.  Given that I fixed numerous style issues
> before committing your last patch, you've yet to post a non-trivial
> contribution that meets all of GCC's submission requirements.

Sorry if it seemed that I have ignored your comments, it seems that
I have get confused and send an older version of the patch.

> Other maintainers may disagree, and should feel free to sponsor your
> request themselves.  I have no objections whatsoever if they're happy
> to do so.  If its any consolation, I'd had nearly 20 patches approved
> to GCC before being granted CVS write access myself.  But perhaps
> policies have relaxed somewhat since then.
That is fine with me; When I asked for a write access, my intention was
to provide help not to get a privilege that I don't deserve.

> My apologies if this seems inconvenient.  Most other contributors have
> to go through the additional process of personal copyright assignments
> before getting even this far!

I have already went through that.

> Roger
> --

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