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Re: [committed] Clean up boehm-gc/ a bit

Hi Nathanel,

Nathanael Nerode wrote:

* acinclude.m4: Move certain code to
      * Receive code from acinclude.m4.
      * aclocal.m4: Rebuild.

And this one breaks my solaris 9 multilib boehm-gc. The exact way as it does with my pending libffi update.

Please tell me what this way was, since I didn't see the problem with your libffi change.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear :(

I was in hurry and forgot simpy to explain what breaks.

I couldn't figure out why. Unfortunately no time atm. And I did not commit/send the libffi patch yet since this issue is not solved.

You're absolutely sure it's *this* one, not one of the three commits I made
fairly soon after this one?  I don't want to go barking up the wrong tree.
Please, if possible, verify which commit caused the problem.

If it really was this commit, it's a shell code ordering problem of the
most bizarre sort.

Yes, I'm pretty sure since this is the same failure I get on libffi.

The one Kaveh explained. It has to do with the multilib machinery.

Unfortunately I can't help much at the moment. I can offer to run tests on my sol9 box, but only in the evening.

We're under high pressure at work and I fried my powerbook so everything is slowed down.



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