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Re: [config.gcc] Add in extra_gcc_objs

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 12:53:37PM -0500, Kelley Cook wrote:
>>>> This is *not* a host specific option.  It is a target specific
>>>> option.  I have to do things this way because, AFAIK, it's the only
>>>> way to get an extra object linked into xgcc.
>Understood now.
>>> Well a new variable called "extra_gcc_objs" is most likely what is
>>> needed then and just change the use of cygwin to use that variable
>>> instead.
>> If you scan the archives for "cygwin1.o" in the subject you'll see
>> where this was mentioned but there was no assent.
>Here is a patch that would do just that.
>Currently in stage2 of a parallel bootstrap (which is well past where 
>the original error occurred).
>Assuming no additional problems, OK?  OK for 3.4?

>2004-02-24  Kelley Cook  <>
>	* config.gcc: Add comment describing extra_gcc_objs.
>	i[34567]86-*-cygwin*): Replace host_extra_gcc_objs with extra_gcc_objs.
>	* (extra_gcc_objs): New substitution variable.
>	(host_extra_gcc_objs): Don't substitute.
>	* configure: Regenerate.
>	* Use extra_gcc_objs.

It looks perfect to me.  I appreciate your getting this right.


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